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Thank you very much for your interest & congratulations on joining our team!

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    • In order of payments received, not when content is shared or uploaded

  • Please avoid using the words:Iran” or “Iranian” in the comments section and only write “ZSany Ad” or “Online Ad” or leave blank, otherwise the the bank may flag/delay/question payment

4. Email Content

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    • Please send us a high quality and professional photo
      • Your Profile picture will also probably show up on Google Image search for the terms “Iranian Realtor” etc…
  • Bio
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    • Please list a few (5-7) important cities/areas that you mostly focus on
    • Please include any legally required information needed to market online. Please check with your company and/or local state requirement to ensure your marketing material is compliant
      i.e. Department of Real Estate (DRE #), Company Name/Logo, etc
  • Contact Info
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5. Email Banner

  • Dimension: 728 px (width) x 120 px (height)
  • Format: .jpg or .png format only
  • Resolution: 72 DPI (Standard for Web Images)
  • Design: Please do your best, as we don’t get a second chance for a first impression!
    • Your design matters! Marketing Matters!
      • Your Banner will also probably show up on Google Image search for the terms “Iranian Realtor” etc…
    • You probably have a strong marketing team & designer, but if you don’t we suggest using the free tool:
  • File Size: maximum ~70 KB
    • Please use to easily compress the file size without reducing the quality
  • Please include the text “Top Iranian Realtor in [Your State]” near your Name. (Optional, but Recommended)
  • Please do not forget to add any legally required information on the banner as well such as your DRE #, Company Name/Logo, etc

You are fully responsible for the marketing material you submit to be published on our platforms.

Please double check with your company and/or local state requirements to make sure the information you publish is compliant.

Once you submit all your information, we will:

  1. receipt/confirm payment received
  2. upload your profile (within 24-48 hours)
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To avoid rework and save us time, please make sure your information is flawless, complete and finalized.

Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns.

Thank you!