Who is Yashar Z. Sany?

  • BS, MS, MBA, an Electrical Engineer from Boston University (Cum Laude)
  • X-Microsoft Marketing
  • Founder of ZSany.com – Marketing matters!
  • Host of IRANIAN – Podcast & Interview
  • Admin of (@Iranian)
  • Simply obsessed about Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Marketing and the Online World – with over 20 years experience in SEO & SEM.
  • He ranked #1 for the term “Persian Rugs” and sold the second most valuable Persian domain name after Iran.com which was purchased in 2007 for $400K: PersianRugs.com – The King of Rugs
  • He created Azki.com (@azkidotcom) online insurance and ranked #1 on Google for the most competitive word “Insurance” in Farsi sold company at evaluation of $6.5M to foreign investors, raised company to $15M & currently worth $40M+ with over >150 employees.

He loves Iran and being Iranian. His passion is to support and promote Iranians worldwide.


  • We are an online platform where Farsi Speaking Professionals (with or without a website) can create a profile & advertise their businesses to generate more leads.


  • We created the largest Farsi Speaking directories in order to help the Iranian community flourish in North America by providing a platform where people can connect to Professionals who speak their language, know their culture, better understand their needs.


Our Mission:

To put customers first & create a white-glove experience to our clients.

Our Vision:

To elevate trust, respect & professionalism.

To help support and bring more business to our community.