is a form of reasoning and an ability to solve problems.


We believe that with the proper instruction,


everyone has the ability to be successful in math.



We find the Root Cause of the struggle:


  • We identify the root of your child’s struggle and begin there.


  • Carefully designed worksheets ensure math concepts are mastered.


  • Your child learns by doing, not by being fed information.


  • Over time, your kids study grade levels ahead of their peers.



We Build a strong base:


Parents often choose tutoring in the hopes of quickly eliminating a child’s need for math.


But a short-term fix,


doesn’t address the fundamental gaps in learning.


We recognize that a child’s struggle likely stems from having missed earlier fundamental learning.


This may mean taking your child back at first, to ensure this important learning is mastered,


before moving forward.


If the missed fundamentals aren’t mastered,


it leaves the door open to more struggles in the future and more tutors.



How do we solve this problem?


Your child will first complete an assessment test to:


  • measure mastery to date,


  • identify gaps in learning,


  • and pinpoint the best individualized starting point for your child.


This may be at a level below your expectations,


but it’s critical that those gaps be filled first,


so your child can better master more advanced concepts as he or she progresses through our program.



How are we different from other tutors?


1 – Self-Learning


We teach self-learning instead of passive learning.


Sitting down with your child and explaining how to solve a problem makes the your child a “passive learner,”


listening to an explanation with no guarantee that the concept has been fully grasped.


This is why struggles often resurface.




self-learning keeps your children actively engaged.


They learn by studying examples and then are able to do the work on their own.


They’re learning by doing,


not by watching,


and they’re relying on themselves instead of on what the tutor knows.



2 – Keep them advancing


Most tutoring is accomplished when a child catches up.


But we feel accomplished when we keep them advancing.


It may take longer to see results,


but this little bit of study every day and ongoing mastery is how students succeed.


Over time,


you not only eliminate homework struggles,


you also help your child build a foundation of knowledge,


independence and confidence that will last a lifetime.



3 – We know how to teach your child math


We will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting.


Our unique approach enables us to effectively explain math concepts and lend a helping hand to every student.


We foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn!



4 – Pinpointing your child’s learning needs


We pinpoint your child’s learning needs,


meet them where they are,


and take them where they need to go. 


We continually check progress along the way,


to make sure your child truly understands and retains the concepts we have taught.


The results are transformative.


Kids will see measurable changes in attitude,




and school progress.


  • We will help your child overcome homework frustration.


  • We will also set aside time to provide homework help.


  • We will help your child understand the homework assignment so they feel better prepared to complete the work at home.



We build math knowledge upon what your child already knows.


This helps kids learn quickly and boosts their confidence right away.



How our math tutoring works


Our method consists of three key components,


which are closely monitored and adjusted to address your child’s learning goals:





Students start by taking a customized assessment which pinpoints their needs,


allowing us to meet them where they are and take them where they need to go.



Customized Learning Plans:


We then design a customized learning plan for teaching the concepts the student needs to master,


and use a combination of proprietary materials and instruction techniques to ensure your child masters these concepts.



Teach for Understanding:


We provide the foundation and support to succeed at each stage:



  1. Elementary School:


Building math foundation,


mastering computation and problem solving with whole and rational numbers,


and understanding number sense.


  1. Middle School:


Continuing to build strong math foundation,


mastering “the how and why” (algebra readiness),


helping with homework,


and filling in gaps needed for advanced classes.


  1. High School:


Filling in foundational gaps,


addressing different levels of knowledge,


helping with test preparation,


and assisting with homework.



Our goal


Our goal is to enhance your child’s math skills,


understanding of math concepts,


and overall school performance.


At the same time,


we build confidence and help families see measurable progress.



Summer Program:


With school work at a standstill,


summer is the perfect time to catch up or get ahead!


Our summer programs are designed to prevent summer learning loss,


and will give your child the math skills needed to succeed in their upcoming school year.



We go far beyond tutoring


Our program is a structured,


proven self-learning plan that gives your child the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new materials independently.


We deliver results in school and beyond.


We provide skillful and compassionate tutoring to high school and college students,


and to adults.


We help people:


  • Identify and clear blocks to learning.
  • Deepen understanding.
  • Increase academic performance.
  • Improve study skills.
  • Develop confidence in their own abilities.


What makes us different?


We bring a calm presence,




and an unusual depth of knowledge and experience to our work.


We have taught a wide range of courses at the high school,


community college,


and university levels.


We have trained mathematics teaching assistants and tutors at both Seattle and Boston campuses,


helping them to become more effective teachers.


We make a point of providing a comfortable,


welcoming atmosphere,


where you are listened to carefully and respectfully,


and your needs are specifically addressed.


With our help,


people are often able to set their discomfort aside,


allowing their natural curiosity and interest to awaken.


A number of clients who thought of themselves as being "bad at math",


have found to their surprise that not only could they learn math,


but that they could actually enjoy it!



Do I need Math Tutoring?


People use tutoring for a variety of reasons.


If you are taking a math class in high school or college,


you can use tutoring to get ongoing,


regular support,


or you can just schedule a session or two when you need extra help.


We can help you organize and make sense of your class notes and assignments,


answer your questions,


explain material in more detail,


fill in background that you may be missing,


and offer personalized advice on how you can study and learn more effectively.


If you are taking a math course online,


it can be very helpful to ask questions and get feedback from a live person,


rather than trying to learn all of the material on your own.


If your math class is going all right,


but you want to understand the subject at a deeper level,


we can go into more depth,


discussing why things work the way they do,


and making connections between the various parts of math that you have learned.


If you are studying for an academic or professional exam,


such as the SAT or GMAT,


we can help you learn or review the relevant math.



Which courses can we help with?


  1. Algebra,


  1. geometry,


  1. Integrated Math 3,


  1. precalculus,


  1. calculus,


  1. business calculus,


  1. probability,


  1. set theory and logic,


  1. and honors courses.


If you don't see your course or subject listed here,


please contact us to find out if we can help.



Test Preparation


We have helped people prepare for a variety of tests,


including the SAT,






and more.


We focus on helping you learn and understand the mathematics you will need for your test;


We don't offer the kind of "beat the system" approach provided by some commercial operations.



What If I'm afraid of math?


We make a point of providing a comfortable,


welcoming environment,


where you are listened to carefully and respectfully,


and your needs are specifically addressed.


With our help,


people are often able to set their discomfort aside,


allowing their own curiosity and interest to awaken.


A number of clients who thought of themselves as being "bad at math" have found to their surprise that not only could they learn math,


but that they could actually enjoy it!


How to get started?


We generally suggest that people start by making one appointment to see if we are a good fit for each other.


At that point,


you are welcome to make appointments on an ongoing basis.



Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you teach math?


Please see contact info for the address and directions.


What are your teaching hours?


In general, my hours are:


M-F: 8am to 8pm

Sat-Sun: 8am to 5pm


please feel free to contact us for current openings and availability.


How long do the math sessions last?


A standard session is one hour (this is a full 60 minutes).


If needed,


we can schedule longer sessions,


in 15-minute increments,


up to two hours.



How often should I get tutoring?


We can meet either regularly,


or on an as-needed basis,


as suits your needs.


We can further discuss your needs after our first session of assessment.


If you have fallen behind in a course, and want some intensive work to catch up,


we could meet a couple of times a week for one or more hours.


Once you've caught up,


we could cut back to weekly,


hour-long sessions,


or just meet when you need to.



How and when do I pay?


You can pay when you come for your session,


either at the beginning or end.


Cash and checks are both fine; but no credit cards are accepted.



What should I bring to my tutoring session?


Please bring a pencil,




some paper to work on,


and a calculator if you use one.


If you are coming for help with a class,


please bring all of your class materials:




class notes,




syllabus or assignment sheet,


and any tests and quizzes you have.





You will receive one free 30-minute consultation (first-time clients only).


It is recommended to bring any past exams/materials/books,


you think will help the tutor better acquaint themselves with you/your child’s needs.





We accept cash or checks only.


The hourly rate is $100.


Group tutoring is also available.



Cancellations and Rescheduling


This cancellation policy is intended to provide a good balance between,


being fair to the client and fair to ourselves.


Our aim is to make sure that people will do their best to stay on top of their calendars,


so they will not take up tutoring slots that they are not going to use.


Our other purpose is to find out early about openings in order to let you,


the clients,


have a chance to book them when you need extra or changed dates.


Any time a cancellation is in agreement with these policies,


that hour of tutoring remains in your bank of unused hours.


We require 24 hour’s notice for a cancellation.


In the event that you would like to reschedule that session,


We will do my best to accommodate you.


In the event that we cannot,


we will just resume the following week as scheduled.


No-shows are subject to the full-hour lesson fee.






By default, children do not hate math!


Children don’t hate math.


They hate being confused and intimidated by math.


With understanding comes passion,


and with passion comes growth – a treasure is unlocked.


– Larry Martinek